• 10 people attended the meeting
  • The meeting was opened with a moment of silence and prayer in remembrance of 9/11
  • David Miller gave his presentation on Drupal
  • Dave McCrumb demonstrated a Ubuntu 10.004 LTS installation

Presentation Notes

A screencast was made of the presentation.


times approximate

  • 10am Setup
  • 10:30 Main Presentation - Introduction to Drupal by David Miller
  • 11:30 Hands on Drupal experimentation
  • 12:00 Discussion of the next meeting and other group bussiness

Main Presentation

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is a widely used open source content management system for the world wide web.  Many high profile organizations such as the Onion, Second Life, and NASA use drupal to build their web applications.

Drupal's open source core and modular architecture has spawned an extremely active developer community, creating a profusion of modules which extend the functionality of Drupal.

This profusion of activity means that Drupal is sometimes a hard project to understand because of the classic problem of "not seeing the forest through the trees"

In my presentation I will give a brief overview of the components of drupal and some popular modules.  I will show how drupal is installed and configured and allow members to experiment their own fresh install of drupal. I will also show the group several books I have obtained on drupal and remark on which ones I like.