Slackware64 on AMD 64 family: 15

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Slackware64 on AMD 64 family: 15

Postby Terry » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:56 am

Slackware64) - very nice, but...
Adiobie 64bit flash-player-plugin - a broken, crashing P.O.S.
Patch: ... on-x86_64/ .. worked sporadically, crashed often - not much improvement.

[Real] Solution:
Convert to multilib
Install 32bit firefox and 32bit flash-player-plugin (Don't forget to blacklist firefox in slackpkg)

"Adobe is actively working on the release of a 64-bit native Flash Player and will provide native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux 64-bit platforms in an upcoming major release of Flash Player."
"64-bit Linux users can use a 32-bit version of their browser with Flash Player, or they can use a 64-bit browser with Flash Player by using a compatibility layer"
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