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Debian based security with Tiger presentation

Postby stack » Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:13 pm

Hey guys,
So a few months ago I did a presentation for the OKC LUG about security on Debian based distros with Tiger (aka works with Ubuntu and the like and these are tested for other distros like CentOS; more info in the presentation). If this interests you at all and you have 40 min to kill you can find the video here:

Now there is a TON of information in there, so you can find the presentation here:

I would suggest watching the video as I do talk about several things that are not in the presentation itself, but without the notes it will be hard to follow along when you are securing your box and doing your own research. They kinda go hand in hand. Also, PLEASE do some research and don't take everything blindly. What works for me as a solution may not work for you. With that said, if you find something that is quite a bit different for you or even contrary to what I said PLEASE let me know.

Besides the fact that there are a few points where the crowd was a bit loud, and that my virtual machine was running /painfully/ slow for some reason, and the fact I kept saying 'Ummm' all the time...Besides those things I think the presentation came out pretty good. I would greatly welcome feedback, especially if you find more data on some of the points brought up in the video.

Hopefully, the presentation I did a few weeks ago will be posted to soon and I will be able to share that with you guys. This one I am actually quite pleased with the presentation, but I have not seen the video yet...


PS. REALLY sorry about not posting this sooner. For some reason I was convinced that I had but when I went looking for it I couldn't find it. Don't know why I thought I had when I hadn't. I am completely :oops: about it....There are a few other things out there that I will try and get organized for you guys here real soon.
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