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Debian joke I just heard

Postby stack » Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:41 am

We all know that Slackware is older then Debian. What most people don't know is that Debian would have been released a full year earlier, but they were still arguing whether the DFSG was in violation of the DFSG.

I :lol: 'd

Anyway, for those interested or don't get the joke:
Slackware (16 July 1993)
Debian (16 August 1993) ... Guidelines

The DFSG determines what software is allowed in the Debian repo's. I am sure everyone remembers the big hoopla about Debian re-branding Firefox to Iceweasle because Mozilla's trademarks/ect on Firefox don't meet the DFSG. This discussion happens a lot with software in the Debian repo's.

The 'full year' part, while wildly inaccurate* in the time line, references all the many arguments that delayed oh-so-many releases for a year or more.

*SLS annoyed Ian Murdock so he created Debian. SLS isn't quite a full year older then Debian.

Anywhoo...It has been a while since I have had people give me strange looks because I was laughing so hard. Just thought I would share :-)
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