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Postby Terry » Tue Mar 10, 2009 7:50 am

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I know that travel budgets have been hit very hard this year and it is
affecting who will choose to submit a paper proposal. I've been thinking
of ways to help with this and I've come up with a couple things that I
would like to offer and would love your feedback on things.

The first incentive is that if you submit a proposal for a paper or a
tutorial and it is accepted by the committee we are going to give you one
free pass to the Linux Symposium that you can allocate to someone else
within your organization to attend.

The second is that I am personally going to make some of my frequent flier
miles available to help speakers with accepted papers with their flights.
I hope this can enable some good people who would not otherwise be able to
attend to present a paper to make it to the event.

The third is that I am going to try to make available as much funding for
lodging as possible to help cover costs for presenters.

So, if you've been working on anything interesting in the last year please
do take the time to submit a proposal for the committee to take a look at!
We're seeing good registration numbers in general but the effect of the
'economic slowdown' is being seen mostly in presentation proposals and
we'd very much like to see this change in the next week.

If you have any other ideas please let me know. One thing that has been
suggested is allowing more presentations without a technical paper
requirement, how do you feel about that? Would that give you more
incentive to submit a proposal?

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